How to survive the worst weeks of your life (aka the Gallobreak)

Facebook just prompted me to write a post, because apparently my last post was too long ago. Well, never mind that I’m trying to write a frickin’ dissertation. This is so much more important. *eye roll*

Yet,I’m afraid the ol’ Galloswag may be out of commission for a while*, as she writes, eats egregious amounts of greek yogurt, and weeps over each chapter. So here are a few things to do in the meantime –

  1. Start a rival blog so we can up each other’s numbers with zingy posts… my dream is for this to culminate in a late night dance-off that we go Facebook live with
  2. Write me a message testifying how much Galloblog has meant to you
  3. Paint with all the colors of the wind to express your pain with my silence
  4. Send me a gift basket of greek yogurt
  5. Pray for me to finish well and find joy in the process!

I shall return, with plenty of nothing to pollute your mind with. *smoochies*

Merci, merci. I ❤ ** you all.

— Editorial Notes —

*I won’t put a date, because I don’t want y’all naggin’ me. I do what I want!!

**I don’t LOVE you all. I heart you all. Big difference. Don’t be weird.

Alsoooo if you read this, don’t be a social media sneak but instead, visit my Facebook page and like/comment/share/print-out-and-laminate below!!

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