Women’s church ministry or spa?

I must confess something to all of you…

I do not like ministries, events, bible studies, parties, special gatherings, prayer meetings, small groups, etc. etc. etc. that are specific to women. They deeply irritate me. Porquoi?

  1. I don’t have all that much in common with other women, anymore than I do with an arbitrary group of 29 year olds, brunettes, or lovers of poke bowls
  2. Men do not intimidate me or make me uncomfortable. I do not have better conversations without men. I like that they think differently, especially about matters of faith. I have found mixed-sex discussions are richer, not stilted.
  3. I understand that many women struggle with issues of self-worth and have painful pasts that involve exploitation. My heart goes out to them – truly. That being said, it seems like many women’s ministries focus almost exclusively on women like this, and ignore women like me whose struggle is more about figuring out how to live a meaningful life with integrity as a professional.
  4. I also understand that many women are married and have kids. That is gucci gang. BUT similar to point 3, I am not. And I wouldn’t say getting married and having kids is my ultimate life goal.* So I also don’t get a lot from hearing exclusively from women who are trying to figure out how to be wives and moms. Not that I can’t be friends with these women or learn from them, but I don’t need an entire event centered around hearing from and connecting with women who I have almost nothing in common with. I have even less in common with them in life situation and specific faith struggles than I do with say.. a 34 year old dude who is an electrical engineer. It would make more sense for me to have a specific event for Nerdy Upper 20s Who are Functional but are Feeling a Little Lost in Life.
  5. Women’s ministry events often include horrid assumptions about what sort of woman I am and what I like. “Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re giving away a $500 Anthropologie gift card!” *crowd goes wild* *Cgallo goes into a silent white rage* Seriously, I’ve never had more sexist silly assumptions made about me (e.g. “OMG I live for shopping!!!!! I remortgaged my house to buy this purse!”) than at a women’s ministry event.
  6. Last but not least, y’all – it’s the names of the groups and events. What in Beth Moore is going on? Are we studying the bible, or getting facials? Who can tell?

Let me show you a series of real logos from actual women’s ministries or actual spas – doctored only to remove the “giveaway” words. Which do you think are women ministries, and which do you think are spas?


Soooo what do you think? The odd numbers are women’s ministries and the even numbers are spas? WRONG. These are all women ministries! What?!

Okay okay, let’s try again.


I know what you’re all thinking… “We’re on to you, CGallo! Those are all women’s ministries AGAIN!” Well guess what suckerzzzz, yer wrong, all wrong! #6-10 are all spas in Atlanta or NYC! What?!!

The takeaway of this post.. I think? .. is this proposal — ladies let’s just skip women ministry events and hit the spa because both are about women empowerment and feeling better about yourself and being in man-free zones and girl talk and faint spiritual undertones and strong plant-life overtones. Woooo! Let’s do it!


* I would rather meet someone and love them so much that I can’t stand not being married to them, not so much “I MUST get married and have 5 kids before age 35!” because THAT specific boat for this gal has not just sailed but sunk around age 26. ANYWAY


Author: crgallo

I'm just a girl, standing in front of the world, asking them to lolz with her.

6 thoughts on “Women’s church ministry or spa?”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. While I may hit up those once in a while to network and make a couple friends, I ALWAYS leave regretting it. I’ll just get a facial alone or take friends outside of a church group. I don’t like being shoved into the category of “Mom who…(insert whatever.)” Drinks wine, always has a Starbucks, Loves Chuck and Joanne, on and on. I don’t have a place in the conversation when everyone is talking about babies, husbands, and raising toddlers. It alienates me further. And I also don’t want to be pampered “in a christian environment” with other women the entire church perceives as broken or behind the curve when everyone else is married with children. All around it’s catering to an idea that I’m just like everyone else (in the mind of whoever created the group, usually a doting middle aged couple who wants to see the sad women happy.) It feeds the idea I’m waiting for my life to begin when a man walks in and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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    1. Exaccccerly!!! Alienating is the perfect word. It seems very clique-y sometimes. I’m not anti-women – I love my girl friends.. but I love them because they’re awesome human beings, not because we are exactly the same. Ayiyi! Don’t know what’s worse.. women events or single events 😀 lolol but at the end of the day one must have a sense of humor about it all! MUST!!!

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  2. I really identified with this. Even when I was a young mother of three, if I were at an event with both men and women I usually eneded up talking more with the guys or whoever my husband was hanging out with. The women were almost invariable talking about babies and related topics, all of which could be helpful at times (and truly necessary). We do tend to congregate with people doing what we’re doing in daily life to swap info and get support. But sometimes it felt as if that was ALL they talked about! Of course the guys could be just the same talking sports, but overall if I wanted a discussion of ideas, of theology, of politics, or most anything actually intriguing, it was with the men I found that. Now I’m sure there were plenty of other women like me who desired more than talk of babies etc., but it just didn’t seem to happen as much in a ladies circle. I LOVE what you did with the logos!

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    1. Yes! I don’t think it’s healthy to only have discussions or share with people exactly like you. One of the many reasons why I love having churches with tons of diversity across ages and races and everything else 🙂 Thank you for sharing and for the positive feedback! It can be a tough crowd out here in bloggo world 😥 😉


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