Why I decided to take a step back from Galloblog

Friends, family, random interweb creepers, and international bots— you may have noticed that my rate of publishing has decreased dramatically.

It’s mainly bc I have no more ideas worth sharing.

I’m tired of posting things just for attention.

I don’t have anymore random thoughts that make me laugh, that I feel compelled to share with you.

I’ve matured past using this blog to procrastinate.

*laughs uproariously*

Basically all of that is false.. The strange truth is, I haven’t had a laptop since I quit my last postdoc, and until my new one comes in, I’m bumbling around on my tablet. It is a huge pain .. This one dumb post has taken me like 26 minutes and 33 seconds to write. NOT WORTH THE EFFORT, know what I mean green bean?!

Until my amazin’ raisin laptop comes in…

Yours (yes, you!!) forever (!),







Author: crgallo

I'm just a girl, standing in front of the world, asking them to lolz with her.

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