John Crist info page

updated 10/06/2019

John Barak Crist is a comedian who is most well-known for poking fun at Christian church culture. John was born on March 20, 1984 and grew up in a suburb in metro-Atlanta, GA. John was homeschooled by his mother Anne Crist through middle school, which he jokes was “one of the goodest things that ever happened to me.”  He went to a private Christian school for high school, and went through the journalism and mass communications program at the Howard College of Arts and Sciences at Samford University. His father Johnny Crist founded and served as lead pastor of Atlanta Vineyard Church until 2012, and is currently the mayor of Lilburn, Georgia. John has mentioned (e.g. this interview with Jen Hatmaker) that growing up as a middle child in a large family (seven siblings!) was an impetus for his comedy career.

At least at some point, John attended a church in Los Angeles, California. Although his official bio claims that he attends Churchome in LA, he has also mentioned bumping into Justin Bieber at church, which is Hillsong Church in Los Angeles. On his 2018-19 Human Being Tour, John references living in Nashville, Tennessee.

Although a large part of his routine is poking fun at Christians and conservative church culture, he has expressed sincerity of his belief in Jesus, and seems to see his satirical church comedy as a sort of kingdom work to  expose the non-essential elements of traditional church culture (my words, not his) in this CBN interview and this interview with Sam Collier. Recently John posted an Instagram video in which he chastised some leaders in the Christian community for their criticism of singer Lauren Daigle for prevaricating direct questions about whether or not she considered homosexuality a sin.

In a long interview with the Wally Show, John shows a more serious side and discusses how almost all comedians have painful pasts that feed into their humor.

John is not married, engaged, or has a girlfriend. He did have a brief but public relationship with his ex-girlfriend, American Idol contestant and country music star Lauren Alaina. Alaina announced their break-up on September 16, 2019. In this interview with Meghan Batoon, John referenced past relationships and expressed how the attention from his fans supplements for the attention, affection, respect, admiration, etc. that he might receive from a girlfriend.

John seems to have an open bromance with singer and social media comedian Trey Kennedy. They have collaborated on several videos together –When you meet your doppelganger w/ John Crist and Soon to be engaged girls be like … w/ John Crist part 1 and part 2Every Nashville Bachelorette , If Bible Characters had Iphones, and Single Girls on Valentine’s Day. Trey also appeared in some (but not the one I was at, sadly!) shows of John’s Human Being Tour. Please note that despite their uncanny resemblance, John Crist and Trey Kennedy are not likely to be related (see Are Trey Kennedy and John Crist related? An expert weighs in).

John has a Youtube channel with all of his major videos, but follow his Instagram account for his stories (several of which he does not save or share again). He also has a Twitter account and Facebook page.

You can also purchase his merchandise and see his recent touring schedule on his official website – John Crist Comedy


I made this page because my blog is getting so much traffic from people wanting real life info about John Crist, not my silly / fan-girl posts about him. This was not meant to be invasive or weird, and I will take it down if I need to. In the mean time… enjoy! And let me know if you know of anything I should add or change!



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